An Unfitting Sonnet

To my Laura I do write this poem

to express all my deepest love for her;

there is – in my mind – no sense of hokum,

although our love may now seem a blur.

Oh dear Laura I must let her know

of how very strongly I do feel –

just as smoothly as this poem does flow

I will bend on knee and start to kneel.

Apologies that I leave her no bed,

nor send men off to war in her good name;

and though for her nobody is now dead,

there sure is still one love for her to claim.

And though I love her so very dearly

I can still only so very nearly

Write a fourteen line sonnet for Laura.


Author: Jack Taylor

Hey, I'm Jack, a 19 year old English student at the University of Nottingham. Writing goes from creative fiction to serious non-fiction. Hope you enjoy :)

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